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Reformer Pilates

Equipment Pilates caters for everyone.

It can help to condition the body, lose weight, improve flexibility, build stamina and improve posture. 


The Pilates apparatus were originally designed by Joseph Pilates for rehabilitation purposes during World War II.  The apparatus uses tension springs (as weights) and unstable surfaces to maintain good alignment while strengthening the deep stabilising core muscles.

Today, Pilates has become popular among athletes and dancers that are often at risk of injuries due to over working certain muscle groups.  Among the general public, it has become a popular alternative way of fitness training with the focus of maintaining a good posture.


Our Studio is a place to train in a safe and personal setting, visit us and experience the benefits.......

  • Pilates is a form of movement practice that can be grouped under the umbrella of body mind fitness. It teaches skills on how to breathe correctly and moving mindfully while performing exercises focusing on core strengthening and stability.

  • Pilates creates awareness of 'bad' habitual movements and teaches new movement patterns that support and maintain a good posture. 

  • Pilates is applied across the board in womans' health  including pre-and postnatal training and promoting healthy bone density during and after menopause.

  • Physiotherapists and Chiropractors have realised the many benefits of pilates and apply the exercises widely in their practice.


Do any of these symptoms represent you?

  • Pain in the lower back, groin or buttocks;

  • Clicking in the hips, knees;

  • Numbness in a leg,

  • Recurring tension in neck and shoulders;

  • Discomfort sitting for long periods. 

These symptoms are mostly caused by weak muscles, especially around the core, often resulting from asymmetry in the body. A slight asymmetry is normal, and won’t usually impact your life. But, it’s important to realise that asymmetries increase with age and repetitive, habitual movements. With persistent repetitive movements we are all at risk of imbalances or misalignments that may lead to various symptoms as we age.  With a good and regular Pilates core-training program you can address these imbalances in the body and alleviate the symptoms from an early onset. 


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