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About Reformer Pilates


Personal Training

with our movement Specialists

Our Studio is unique in that our personal training is totally private (only you and the trainer). We develop a personalised training program using a variety of Pilates apparatus. As an added benefit we offer a Comprehensive Package Including:

Private Pilates sessions

A Nutrition and lifestyle consult

A Postural Analysis

A Body Scan and Measurement

The personal training is ideal for anyone wanting to focus on specific goals:

 -pre- and post natal training

-re-training of muscles after injury or surgery

-athletic conditioning

-weight management

-improving posture


Read more about our Comprehensive Package Offers:


Our Team is qualified to provide the necessary support and guidance to help you feel better physically and mentally. Our Comprehensive package can be tailor made according to your personal needs and will provide you with all you need to-

move better....

eat better...

live better...

and feel better!


-Private or Group Pilates sessions
-Nutrition and lifestyle consult
-Postural Assessment
-Body Composition Analysis and measurement - 2 monthly


Move Better:

Pilates helps create awareness to maintain a good posture and alignment while moving. A regular Pilates program helps build and maintain well balanced muscles and muscle groups which support a strong, flexible body and healthy joints. A postural analysis gives you a good starting point as you get to know how your body alignment deviates from the Ideal 'Plumb line'. During this analysis we will point out possible structural or muscular misalignments and asymmetries in the body . These misalignments are is often a result of 'bad' habits. Depending on the outcome of the Postural Analysis, we will guide you with a Personalised Pilates Program taking into account your body posture, possible physical challenges and your own personal fitness goals.

Eat Better:

To maintain a strong and healthy body and mind, we need a diet rich in nutrient dense foods. During the comprehensive program, we will help you set personal dietary goals. The physical body scan and measurement, together with lifestyle factors and nutrition habits will provide us with a baseline to work towards your personal goals (repeating every 8 weeks).

Live Better:

Many common symptoms like chronic inflammation, compromised immunity, mental illness are often caused by lifestyle factors such as stress, lack of exercise, obesity, lack of sleep and so forth. Factors affecting both mental and physical health are equally important to achieve optimal results. During the program our qualified lifestyle and health coach will help you set lifestyle goals and guide you through the process.


We custom make your Comprehensive Package according to our budget.  

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