About Reformer Pilates


 Reformer Pilates 

Experience the benefits

Reformer pilates caters for everyone. It helps you to lose weight and build lean muscle while focusing on strengthening the core and improving posture. 


The Pilates  Reformer uses body weight and spring resistance to re-align the spine, to strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, increase stamina and improve posture. 


Personal Training Program 

Our Personal Training takes place in a private setting. 

We use a range of Stott Pilates equipment to achieve optimal results, focusing on your individual health and fitness goals.

A free postural assessment is included to assess postural alignment challenges and related muscle imbalances.

Combining your individual fitness goals and the outcome of the postural assessment, our professionally trained instructor will guide you through a 10 week tailor made program.


For those simply wanting to get back in shape and lose weight:

The group Reformer and Cardio Trampoline high intensity workout speeds up the heart rate, increases blood flow and helps the body to burn fat.


Other health benefits:

Strengthens the core (deeper stabilising muscles)

​Improves balance

Alleviates joint and back pain

Helps increase bone density

Corrects posture and re-aligns the spine

Improves pelvic stability and core muscles after pregnancy

Assists with rehabilitation post injury or surgical intervention

Increases overall body awareness & breathing


Introductory Offer: Personal Training

 3 Sessions for 180€ 

For the individual starting with Pilates on the Reformer.

(Includes Postural Assessment)

General Benefits of Reformer Pilates 

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