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A few questions and answers about the PaynPlan Booking App:


Where can I view the Terms and Conditions?

The full Company Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy document is visible if you click on the 'i' button in the top of your dashboard(homepage). 


If the App is in Dutch can I switch it to English?

Yes you can go to settings and switch language to English.


Where can I see my purchased products?

Go to products and click to see how many credits you have left (if you bought a package). Here you can also see the T&Cs and expiry dates of your products. Membership holders will see the details of their membership. 


How do I book a class?

Go to Agenda and click on the class of choice and click register. If the class is full (coloured with red or a red line) you can add yourself to a wait list.


Will I get a confirmation by email that I have registered or de-registered from a class?

You will receive an email confirming registration(booking) or de-registration of a class. If you don't receive it, check your junk mail or add PaynPlan to your contacts.


How to view your booked sessions?

In the PaynPlan App go to Group Agenda and + (floating button in the bottom corner) and go to view appointments. Or indicated by a yellow line under a class when you view the week agenda.


How do I cancel (de-register) from a class?

Do the same as above, then click on the relevant class and go to de-register. Cancelation policy of 24hrs on booked classes. You are still required to cancel even if it is outside of the 24hr time (as courtesy to others that are on the wait list). If you have a membership you are still required to cancel a class, even if you cannot make up that class.


If I have a membership and cannot attend 1 week can I make up the class?

Yes, Membership holders can make up the class as long as it is in the same Month.


What if I have a Membership and I cannot get a spot in a class?

It is your responsibility to book ahead to ensure you get a space in a class.  We will add more classes to the Agenda if we see that wait lists are getting too long.


How far can I book my classes ahead?

You can book 1 month ahead, as long as you still have credits on your 10 voucher card. Membership holders do not need to worry about remaining credits as their payments are on-going. The new system do not send automatic reminders the day before so make sure you plan this into your Agenda. Repetitive no shows without canceling will result in cancelation of your membership.

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions?

When purchasing a product online, each product has a full description of its relevant T&C's. If you purchase a product, you agree to those terms.


Can a Membership be paused?

Memberships can be paused 1 x in a 6 month period (strictly for injuries and holidays of 2 weeks or longer- no exceptions). An Admin fee of 20Euro will apply. Application should be done in writing  30 days in advance with the reason and exact dates stipulated.


Can a 10 Voucher Card be extended?

10 cards can no longer be extended. They are valid for 3 months. (no exceptions).


Can I use the Intro Package if I am an existing client?

No, intro packages are there as trial sessions for newcomers only.

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