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 In our boutique style studio, you can train on the Pilates Reformer with personalised guidance from our certified movement specialists.




At in-Sync Pilates, we offer various forms of Pilates training that will challenge your body and mind! 
In our creatively programmed classes, you will tone and strengthen, while elevating body awareness, stability and control.

Our variety of Reformer classes are catered to suit all fitness levels.

Our goal is for you to leave our studio, feeling invigorated, motivated and inspired to move better! 

As an added benefit, we host various workshops to support you on your journey to optimal health & well-being.


Group Classes

We offer a variety of Group Reformer Classes on the Reformer 7 days a week.

Beginners are recommended to start with at least 5 FOUNDATION Reformer classes.  Our Reformer FLOW and FLY classes requires more skill and co-ordination.

Memberships & Packages

We offer 6 Month Memberships, Packages or Single Sessions

(reduced rates apply on all Membership packages)

Our Membership options are tailored to keep you committed to a regular fitness routine.


Give someone the gift of 'movement' by purchasing a gift card via the App. You do not need to b a member to purchase gift cards.




Welcome Specials

1 Intro Private session (45min) & 2 Intro Group Sessions


3 Group Reformer Sessions


(for those with prior experience of the Reformer)

Private Sessions

If you are a beginner, and would like to get more accustomed to Pilates on the Reformer, we recommend taking a few Private Sessions to give you a better start.  You can work at your own pace, while learning how to perform the exercises with precision and control. 

Still wondering if Private Sessions are suited for you?

Yes, if:

- you have been doing Pilates for a while, and would like to take your Pilates practice to the next level; 

- you are pregnant, recovering from pregnancy or an injury or if you wish to focus on your individual goals or specific posture. 


Client Love:

 In-Sync Pilates is a community of supportive people and friends. The trainers are more than qualified offering unique and challenging classes while paying attention to their students' individual needs. In-Sync Pilates brings me a tremendous amount of joy and physical strength!



We are Monique, Anita and Sam.  The team that makes the 'magic' happen! Our goal is to create a warm and friendly space where we can support you on your journey to reach your personal health goals.  


Let's Move Better Together! 

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