Pilates builds strength and endurance while improving flexibility and balance

In-Sync Pilates is located in the heart of Amstelveen

At In-Sync Pilates, our Reformer classes are designed to develop your deepest core muscles and help strengthen every muscle in your body.  We offer small group Reformer classes limited to four participants to ensure you get great results and are using the correct muscles, alignment and technique.  We also offer private one-to-one and duet sessions to maximise results or to train those with recent injuries or particular health issues.  Reformer Pilates exercises are "low-impact", thus safe and suitable for all age groups.  Instruction is given in English, making the classes especially popular for non-Dutch speakers.

Due to Covid-19 Regulations the Studio is currently not used for group sessions. Group classes (max 3 people) are conducted in the garden. See our calendar page for our group class schedule. Privates can be arranged on appointment basis in the studio (as it is classified as a therapeutic service).

Intro Reformer Video



For the individual starting with Pilates on the Reformer.

During these 3 sessions we focus on the essential exercises on the Pilates Reformer.

What we Offer

We offer a variety of different options to suit your specific requirements. Private sessions focus more on personal needs and postural corrections, whereas our group classes are more suitable for those with prior experience on the Reformer.

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All new clients are required to email or call to schedule an initial appointment in order to assess your history, posture and fitness needs.  For those who don't have any prior experience on the reformer, we strongly advise taking a few private classes to understand the technique and how to perform the basic exercises correctly.

Private and duet classes can be booked on appointment basis.

Private Reformer & Nutrition Consult
This package includes 10 private reformer classes, a postural assessment and 2 Nutritional consultations
Group Reformer
Cardio Trampoline
Cardio Trampoline Group
Private Reformer
Private Session
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61 Ouderkerkerlaan, Amstelveen


Tel: +31 06 11234 025

KVK: 66708214


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