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"I’ve been doing Pilates at In-Sync Pilates for two years now and I love it. I'm amazed by the progress I have made. It is very rewarding to feel stronger over time. Anita is an amazing teacher; she always explains the purpose of each exercise and makes sure you’re doing them correctly".

Stephanie Belmudes


In-Sync PILATES Studio is situated in the heart of Amstelveen. We have been specialising in Reformer Pilates since 2015. Our 'boutique' studio has a friendly and personal touch.

We offer Small Group Training on the Reformer, instructed by highly qualified and experienced instructors. 
Our Personal Training sessions provide an alternative for those seeking individual guidance in a private setting.


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Special Intro Packages:

 1  Private Intro €65 
(For those new to Reformer Pilates)

 3 Group Sessions for 49€
(prior experience on Reformer is a pre-requisite)

Pilates creates awareness of 'bad' habitual movements and teaches new movement patterns which support and maintain a good posture. 

Read more on About how Pilates can benefit you.

'Experience the benefits of a good Pilates maintenance program focused on learning better ways of movement. The responsibility remains yours...

You are how you move'

Anita Lewis (Founder/Instructor)


Contact us:

Ouderkerkerlaan 61, Amstelveen, Netherlands

More reviews from our clients:

Introductory Video:Reformer Pilates

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