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61 Ouderkerkerlaan, Amstelveen

Tel: +31 06 11234 025

KVK: 66708214


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Our experienced and highly skilled Stott Pilates instructors offer professional training and advice.

Private Sessions and Group Classes offered in Reformer, Barre and Mat.

In-Sync Pilates is a Boutique Studio located in the heart of Amstelveen.

Here at In-Sync Pilates, we believe in keeping classes small to provide our clients with personalised instruction of the highest quality. We aim to provide a friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere where individuals from all different fitness levels and ages can train safely, guided by highly skilled Stott trained instructors. Instruction is given in English, which make our classes popular for non-Dutch speakers.


The boutique studio is equipped with 4 Stott Reformers with cardio-trampolines and other essential pilates equipment.


Intro Reformer Video


For the individual starting with Pilates on the Reformer.

During these 3 sessions we focus on the essential exercises on the Pilates Reformer.

Our Classes

Duet Reformer
Group Reformer
Cardio Trampoline
Reformer class in groups of 4
Private Reformer
Private Session

Weekly Group Class Schedule

Newcomers are required to email or phone in order to make the first appointment. It is important to tell us more about your prior pilates experience, fitness level and past injuries.


9am - Group Reformer (Level 2/3) 

10:15am - Group Reformer (Level 1/2)

7:45pm - Group Reformer (Beginner)


9:00am - Group Reformer (L2)

10:15am - Group Reformer (Beginner)

6:30pm - Group Reformer (L2/3)

7:45pm - Group Reformer (L1/2)



9:00am - Group Reformer (Level 2)

6pm - Group Reformer (Beginner) 


9am - Group Reformer (Level 2/3)

10:15am - Group Reformer (L2/3)

7pm - Group Reformer (Level 2)


9am - Group Reformer (Level 2)

10:15am - Group Reformer (Level 2)


9am - Group Reformer (Level 2)

10:15am - Group Reformer (Level 2/3)

Private & Duet Sessions

Scheduled on appointment basis

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