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In-Sync Pilates

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'Move better..... together'

At In-Sync Pilates our focus is on the client and their experience with us. We put lots of energy into creating a space that is warm, welcoming and filled with positive energy, which leaves our clients feeling empowered, energised and invigorated!

Anita Lewis (Founder/Instructor)


experienced instructors

In-Sync PILATES is a 'boutique' studio, located in the heart of Amstelveen.  We pride ourselves in educating our clients and creating awareness of how they move. Through our blogs, videos and suggested reads, we keep our clients inspired to ‘move better’ in their daily lives beyond the hour in the Studio.

We offer small Group Reformer classes instructed by top notch trainers (in English). 

Our Personal Training sessions combined with our Comprehensive Packages provide an alternative for those seeking individual guidance in a private setting.
Our Comprehensive Packages include:
-Postural assessment
-Private Reformer Pilates sessions
-Lifestyle and nutrition consultation
-Body scan and measurements

Find out more about our Comprehensive Packages(Tailored to your own budget)


Welcome Offer for newcomers:

3 Group Reformer classes for €59

(one per client)

Private Session (starting at €60)

(recommended for clients with no prior experience on the Reformer)

Email us to confirm a time slot

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