I highly recommend ‘Move your DNA’ (by Katie Bowman) to anyone interested in 'moving' towards a more healthy lifestyle.

In her book Katy Bowman (specialist in biomechanics), scientifically proves that how we move actually affects our health down to the deepest cellular level.

Katy explains how ‘natural’ movement relates to all our natural bodily functions, such as digestion, immunity and reproduction.

I was intrigued by the example of the Orca whales and how captivity has resulted in them becoming more susceptible for disease and in some instances, resulting in genetic weakness (i.e wobbly collagen in their fins).

Katy explains how our ‘captive’ sedentary lifestyles have brought about various biological weaknesses in the body. She uses postural alignment as an example to explain how musculoskeletal ailments may affect many other systems in the body, even on a cellular level.

In her book 'Move your DNA’, Katy advocates more natural movement and she takes us back to the ‘hunter gatherer life’ where movement was natural, three dimensional, of shorter duration and more frequent. She points out that strenuous forms of exercise like repeating the same move on a heavy load in a gym or taking long and strenuous runs or walks is not considered healthy movement. Katy recommends taking a few short walks a day, breaking up long hours of sitting rather than doing one long walk after a long time of sitting down.

The last part of her book is dedicated to the mechanical aspects of movement, illustrated with examples of exercises. She gives guidelines on how to move, sit, stand rest and even how to think throughout the day. It includes aspects like variability and frequency of movement and loads necessary to keep our passive parts (deeper layer of core muscles) stable, while moving our large (outer layer or superficial) muscles.

We can probably all relate to the increasing cases of musculoskeletal ailments such as kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, pelvic instability, decreased bone density, weak joints and foot problems. In her book 'Alignment Matters', she scientifically proves how good alignment of certain points in the skeletal structure contributes to healthy bodily functions.

I’m truly inspired by her books and I hope by reading this blog, I can encourage you to move more and when you move - stop and think twice how you move.

About the Author of 'Move your DNA"

Katie Bowman is a biomechanist and writer with a wonderful gift of teaching on the role movement plays in the body. Katie has an award winning podcast: Move your DNA and her website is packed with the best movement advice.

Other books by Katy Bowman:

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About In-Sync Pilates:

At In-Sync Pilates, each reformer Pilates session is programmed:

  • Using the correct postural alignment while performing the exercise.

  • Targeting as many different muscles in the body (deeper layer of muscles and superficial outer layer of muscles) aiming to balance out opposing muscles.

  • Incorporating all three planes (directions) of movement, helping the body to move three- dimensionally.

  • Using correct breathing patterns assisting each move.

  • Repetition and load of each exercise is carefully planned and modified according to your personal ability.

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Blog written by: Anita Lewis (Owner and Founder of In-Sync Pilates, Amstelveen, Netherlands)

24 October 2020

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