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The Teacher

Anita Lewis (Founder and trainer)

"Reformer Pilates reaches far beyond just fitness. It aims to correct the posture by re-aligning and strengthening the core while minimising stress on the joints.  Once one has experience the benefits of the reformer, you would want to include this program as part of your fitness regime ".

Anita is a has worked in the field of movement and posture correction for 5 years after moving to the Netherlands in 2014. She is a certified Stott Pilates Instructor focusing on Reformer Pilates. 

In 2016, she established In-Sync Pilates, a boutique studio where she aims to encourage each client to reach his/her individual movement goals in a friendly and professional manner.

Anita describes the body as a system - "the best results are achieved when all the parts are working "in-sync" together".

She further believes that good nutrition, a healthy mind, body and spirit all contributes to our wellness and therefore we should not look at any of these parts in isolation.


Relevant training and education:

  • Stott Intensive Reformer

  • Breast Cancer Recovery

  • Pilates Mat

  • Barre Pilates

  • The Garuda Method

  • Pre- and postnatal(AALO -Zwanger Fit) instructor;

  • Holistic Massage (Healing Hands Int). 

  • Nutritional Therapy

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