Welcome to the Fundamentals of Pilates Course

This course is the perfect opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of Pilates. Both Mat and Reformer Pilates are based on the same fundamental principles. 


The Fundamentals of Pilates course provides you with essential information on how to perform mat exercises correctly. This will ensure that you will get more value out of each class or while following our videos on-line. 


 The Fundamentals of Pilates course includes:

- a downloadable pdf manual with detailed description and illustrations of each exercise;

- access to on-line video material of exercises covered in the manual.

How to use the manual: 

Take some time to go through each exercise step by step.

Each exercise is explained in detail i.e.:

-appropriate level (beginner/intermediate/advanced);

-the correct starting position;

-correct breathing pattern;

-a full description and variations of each exercise (illustrated with pictures);

-focus area/s of the exercise (which muscles or area of the body it targets);  and

-watch points (pitfalls).


This course is recommended for all beginners but can also be used by intermediates to acquire more mind-body awareness which will benefit your Pilates practice both on the mat and on the reformer. 

The price including a 74 page Instruction Manual and illustrative videos:

250 Euros plus full access to our bi-weekly on-line classes.

Click here to enrol for the Fundamentals of Pilates Course or if you would like more information.

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