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The Pilates Reformer is an apparatus invented by Joseph Pilates in the 1950's  to help re-habilitate injured soldiers. During later years, the Reformer became increasingly popular in the field of movement to help dancers become stronger. Joseph Pilates named this apparatus the Universal Reformer and it was part of the system he used in his studio.  The unique system uses a moving platform with tension springs within a frame.  One can lie, kneel, sit and even stand on it.  The Pilates Reformer uses your body weight and spring resistance to re-align your spine, to strengthen your muscles, enhance your flexibility, increase your stamina and improve your posture. 

How can Reformer Pilates benefit you?

For those simply wanting to get back in shape and lose weight: 

The intermediate group Reformer classes include a cardio section, often using a cardio-trampoline enabling you to jump and enjoy cardio exercises while lying down, thus taking the strain off joints. Exercises on the cardio- trampoline increase heart rate and blood flow and will increase your fitness level and promote weight loss while strengthening your core.  For those serious about losing weight but new to the Reformer we offer a more personalised package of 2 nutrition consultations, a postural assessment and 10 private classes.

Posture correction is an important part of the Reformer program as special exercises can be designed to address specific postural problems that worsen with age. The Reformer strengthens the muscles by using tension springs, thereby promoting sound bone health in the ageing population, especially postmenopausal women. Exercises on the Reformer also improve coordination, balance and flexibility, all of which play a vital role in reducing the risk of falling and associated injuries. 


Athletes and dancers:
Corrects muscle imbalances as a result of overworking a specific muscle. Strengthens the core and increases the awareness of using the core as a deep stabilising muscle when performing. In addition to increasing strength, Pilates on the Reformer boosts endurance and flexibility to help athletes improve their performance.

Lower back pain:
Strengthens the deeper abdominal muscles. Stretches muscles in the lower back and hamstrings to help alleviate pain. Strengthening the core has also shown to be effective for those recovering from hernias.

Corrects posture. Strengthens core muscles and addresses lumbar pelvic instability resulting from pregnancy.

Mild Scoliosis:
Stretches tight and shortened muscles and strengthens long and weak muscles to assist in mobilising and re-aligning the spine.

Breast cancer recovery:
Mobilises and stretches tight areas due to scar tissue resulting from surgical intervention.

Postural Challenges:
Creates postural awareness when performing daily activities. Re-aligns the spine and balances out muscles that may have been affected by prolonged sitting in an incorrect position, or structural issues such as scoliosis, knock knees, bowed legs and others.

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