The boutique Studio is located in the heart of Amstelveen


About Us

Boutique Studio in Amstelveen

At In-Sync Pilates, we work with specialised Pilates equipment designed to strengthen your deepest core muscles while building lean muscle. 

Our instructors are highly skilled and experienced in using Pilates equipment, ensuring optimal results 

without the risk of injuries.

Our field of expertise includes:

Rehabilitation & Postural correction

Pre-and Post Natal programming

Balance training

Weight loss & Cardio training

Athletic Conditioning



Introductory Offer: Personal Training

 3 Sessions for 180€ 

For the individual starting with Pilates on the Reformer.

(Includes Postural Assessment)

Newcomers are requested to email or call to schedule an initial appointment.

 3 Group Sessions for 50€ 

For the individual with prior experience on the Reformer.

Introductory Offer : Group Reformer

Contact us

61 Ouderkerkerlaan, Amstelveen

Tel: +31 6 11234 025

KVK: 66708214


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